Private Pilot License

Once you have decidid to learn to fly "the sky is no longet the limit".
  - you can start the course at the age of 17.
  - Basic Hebrew skills are needed.
  - Apply for a trainee license at the Civil Aviation Authority.
  - Obtain a medical certificate from a certified aviation doctor.
 ----Now the road is cleared to begin the course itself.
The course is composed from two parts:
  - Theoretical studies - will be independently learned within ground school guidance.
  - Practical classes - wil be perfoemed under close supervision of mine, on Cessna 152 or Cessna 172,
     as determined in advance.
The aircrafts are reliable and easy to fly, the studies are interesting with enormous personal satisfaction.
  I, your flight instructor, will always be available to guide and help you.
  I will accompany you from first step till the finish line.
  You will determine the pace of learning, and schedule lessons according
  to your convenience.
  The flight lessons are conducted at Herzelia airport, which provides
  maximum support to flight trainees.
  Soon you will feel a part of the pilots family,
                                       and the airport will turn to be your second home.