My Profile

I my self started my way in the aviation world with an Introductory Flight .
  - Commercial pilot, certified flight instructor and chief of operation 
     in an approved flying school.
  - Consistently and patiently guide the next  generation of pilots,
     using the broad knowledge I have acquired over the years.
  - Fly single engine aircrafts and multi engine aircrafts in commercial
     flights in Israel and abroad.
  - Fly designated aircrafts in dedicated flights for rain enhancement.
  - Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Master degree
     in Business Administration.
In the Past:
  - Worked at the Israeli Aircraft Industry, developing flight control systems, communication
     and navigation systems for aircrafts. That was my first encounter with the aviation world.
    There I started to dream about Private Pilot License. ....
  - Even after leaving the aircraft industry, working in different fields in the "high tech" industry
    I could not take off my eyes of the sky.....
  Today flying is an integral part of me,
                            and with my help it will also be an integral part of you.