Introductory Flight

The day you have been waiting for impatiently has arrived, the day you are starting to fulfill your dream...
  - Meet me at Herzelia airport at a time convenient to you
     and we will depart for the introductory flight.
  - Do not forget to bring your ID/pssport.
  - The introductory flight simulates a flight lesson and consists of
     pre-flight briefing, flight and debriefing.
The Briefing-
Before boarding, a brief explanation will be given concerning the aircraft structure, the forces evolving,
the aircrafts' instrument panel and maneuvering . 
The Flight-
During flight you'll be able to hold the controls and fly the aircraft on your own, you will sense the feeling of genuine freedom without compromising on flight safety.
The Debriefing-
After the flight we will sum up the flight experience and you will receive detailed information concerning the Private Pilot License.
* Introductory Flights are conducted on Cessna 152 (two seater) or Cessna 172 (four seater) upon prior 
  request and endures about 30 minutes.
* Additional passengers are not allowed on board.